Gamemode Idea

name: manhunt/standoff
2 teams
players spawn with favorites (like lak) and can respawn
sniper and missiles disabled

player with the most kills of one team becomes wanted, the team has to keep him alive for 2 mins to score 1 point, the other team tries to kill him to prevent them from scoring.
then the roles of the teams change.
team who first scores 5 points wins.

alternate mode: both teams have a wanted player simultaneously.

perhaps change some packs, for example make the reppack not drain your energy and make it less stubborn (if possible) so that you can heal your wanted teammate more easily, in midair for example.

another alternative would be to make it exactly like a ctf flag standoff but you get 1 point for retrieving your flag.
dont make it respawn, to prevent mortar spam abuse but instead force it onto the next best player of the team.
flag can be tossed.

this gamemode would be great for when theres too many players for lak but too few for ctf.
cluster maps could be used or i could make a few myself.
incase anyones interested in doing this, thatd be awesome.


  • The first one sounds like VIP. The second one sounds like... slightly more complex VIP?
  • yeah pretty simple i know but i didnt wanna write "request".
    i just think the game lacks gamemodes for something like 10 players, too many for lak and in arena you die too fast if you go rambo.
  • well, don't go rambo in arena

    i should mention that i was playing team hunters like half a week ago and the only real problem with it was everyone leaving/joining when it was a 3v3
  • edited September 2009
    My another idea of using flags (one flag).

    Maps like SunDried got some "fortifications". Flag home at center - two teams - who got flag scoring points. Team can defend him, deploy some turrets etc. - making remote base. Spawn points near flag home - for all teams. Teamplay should be useful.

    Flag can be tossed. When flag is capped, carrier should go to safe place.

    Inv using - two times for each "life". Player can carry two turrets, two sensors etc, but one remote inv (to discuss - not sure if thats good).


    One time for inv, and infinite for remote inv.
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