Lockable projectile

I am trying to search way to have a projectile (like grenade, disk, mine) generate heat or someway to be possible to get a missile lock for such.

At least the "heatSignature = 1;" does not allow such function to work. It works great for deployable items (turrets, RIS, sensors) but not for projectiles.

Any ideas?


  • Locking onto projectiles is well beyond the capabilities of the Tribes 2 engine.

    I guess you could always fire a beacon and "fake it" being a projectile... don't even ask me how to write something like that.
  • I was littlebit afraid for that. Because the beacon should be visible for both teams and if the T2 has only three kind of beacons, none of both teams, it makes it impossible.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    I used a flying vehicle type for a remote controlled rocket a long time ago, specifically with the intent that it could be intercepted by a standard missile launcher. Most interior shapes have vehicle blocking zones though, so it worked well only for a tactical nuke sort of weapon that was fired outdoors.
  • Try adding it into the flareset.
  • I had in mind to have a possibility to lock missile for mortar ammo or then have flares to emit heat so they can be used disguise the vehicle/player heat so enemy would have harder time to get missile lock to correct target.

    The mortar ammo idea was just that you could easier destroy the ammo with missile.

    I tought it could get done with the heat part, or then something what makes vehicles lockable for missiles.
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