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  • HO
    HoF on certain pub maps.
    Occasionally I'll farm (Circle of Stones comes to mind).
  • snaiperskaya
  • That guy who you really wish would stop screwing around with an elf gun in medium armor and actually try doing something useful.

    That, and occasionally HoF.
  • I do whatever I do. I can't predict it in advance, but I'm sure that vehicles will make it far less enjoyable.
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    LD/capper. I generally flip back and forth between the two when pubbing; if our base has a lot of HO running around our base I'll be LD and kill them for a while. Once the base is clear, I'll go back to capping.
    That guy who you really wish would stop screwing around with an elf gun in medium armor and actually try doing something useful.

    That, and occasionally HoF.

    Have you read The Tribes 2 Annoying Bastard Guide, by any chance?
    I dont even know if i have a position beacause i dont give a shit about the team,i only care for my points ,thats the reality

    This is not the type of attitude that will make you well-liked in pubs.

    Just saying.
  • I can be called a ld or lo depends on the enemy and sometimes ,rare i can be a capper ,but i don't like playng with heavy in anyway i think its boring.I dont even know if i have a position beacause i dont give a shit about the team,i only care for my points ,thats the reality.I sit in places and wait for people then i attack from the back.If i have a chance to get a inv station snipe kill i will fastly go for it beacause i dont care about others say.I take any chances even if i suck at t2.BUT i will always chase a capper .Beacause of the team?No,for the points ,hehe...I dont think i have a position or 2 beacause its boring ,i just attack people ,so watch out...What is your position?P.S.Excuse my shitty englis


    Its pathetic that you have to hide and wait for people and then attack them in the back to get a high score. It goes to show you how terrible you are. If you want to actually have fun in the game, you should learn to play at a higher skill level. If you actually want to get a REALLY high score and have 1000 times more fun, you should learn to play at a high level. Take yo noobie ass to tribes school.
  • My position(s) in goonhaven pubs are usually HO shield/HD shield or LD snipe. I never play at the level I play at in competition though. Most of the time I just use shocklance and toy with people for fun because people are mostly newbies there.

    My position in competition is Heavy Defense that switches off to farmer (usually in heavy) and then optimally LD sniper or HO rape. I play basically every position in competition play because I expand out and do other things when I'm afforded time. I also play Heavy on Flag when the map requires it.
  • I play whatevers needed, But I usually play Midfield in Medium or LO, Sometimes I snipe and go HoF.
  • I usually play HO all the time just ask those who know me and that have eaten my mortars . And if you run with my flag best be hollin ass cuzz I'm right behind you lol
    10 yr tribes vet
  • I'm usually a light defender, but I won't hesitate to deploy some inventory stations if needed, and depending on the map I sometimes go for a cap. Obviously, I go for anyone who's taking the flag at full speed.
  • bomber pilot,annoying bastard style baserapper,sometimes capper,and when my team's base/turrets and ppl inside base are getting rapped,i just pick up my repair pack,and repair all,then,put mortar/aa barrel on turrets to help to kill invaders quickly and to kill air vehicles that are raiding the base(havocs,shrikes,bombers etc),then when i see base is still getting raped i deploy a lot of defense(spider clamps,landspikes,motion sensors,cameras,pulse sensors,invetories,and aeverything else i need to defend base)and i be mister defense for a while in jugger.
  • I play whatever our team is lacking. But I generally end up doing whatever I can to cause a distraction: Destroying all the gens and invs, drop a satch and nuke their base, destory their v stations... I generally cloak around with a plasma rifle to destroy things, and keep a lance and whiteouts handy just in case. One time in sanctuary I destroyed their gens and got almost 10 kills just lancing the newbs who came in to repair without checking for hostiles.

    I occasionally go for a cap or bomber run, but I've found I'm most useful disrupting their defense. I usually do this in light, because running and skiing at super high speeds and killing fatties is fun. Sometimes I go medium, depending on where I'm going or what I'm trying to accomplish. Very rarely to I play heavy.
  • LO, normally capping unless the other team has a proper defence in which case i spend most of the time dying. Currently trying to learn how to play a decent HD and use of shieldpack as well as making myself a more useful member overal.

    I dont understand medium armour at all!
  • HO most of the time, raining dead with my mortars agains the LD. I go base raping sometimes.
    For the defense I Farm, HD, chase flag carriers and LD killing heavies.
  • I'm a big fan of LD and LO, particularly capping and chasing.

    Used to do alot of LD sniping, but I've found that I love my disc/grenade/CG combination too much.

    Back in 'the day' I used to play alot of TR2 offense, and loved to Pilot/Bombadier.

    It has been too long since I've played this game . . .
  • light defense, somtimes in maps that have big indoor bases ill go HO and get an inv in there and shield rape
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