non-LOS turret shooting

I am trying to get the turret shoot the targets what are behind objects. For most turrets that is case what does not help at all (example plasma shooting target behind building) but some situations the tracking could be done and shooting when target is on LOS.
Some turrets could work easier, like mortar turret to be possible shoot straight to target when LOS exist, but other wise with high arc, like behind mountain.

detects = true;
Turret itself detects targets. Has own sensor range what is definied with "detectRadius". Otherwise turret use only the other sensors area.

detectsUsingLOS = true;
Turret activates if the target is in sensor area and turret has line of sight to it. Question is how to get the turret actually shoot a target for what it has no LOS, but sensor net will notice target? like to get a missile turret to shoot target what is behind mountain but insde of turrets attackRadius.

detectionPings = true;
For this I am not 100% sure. Does it return the target to enemy CC?
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