Tribes 2 has a great function to spawn dead players. Instead like other games where there is a spawn points, there is a spawn sphere what allows to spawn inside or outside of buildings. Anywhere in that spwhere. And even place a weight how easily you spawn inside of building or outside. (so you can keep example all spawners outside of buildings to help attackers to hold base).

Question what I just came to my mind, is it possible to get players spawning effect like a teleportation? Like to place the spawn sphere to small one and have a new effect for spawing so it would look like players comes from specific device/place?


  • You could just create a new emitter and when the player spawns have it play at its location, and then you could shrink the spawnsphere. Or you could make a spawnpoint that has the same attributes as a sphere and play an emitter when the player spawns.

    I would suggest the former, as it would only require you to place a emitter at the spawning position, rather than remaking the spawning of the game.
  • Okay, thanks
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