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I used to play the original tribes and was always a sporadic fan of the game. Like everyone else, I was forced to move on but remained a fan of the series. When I found TribesNext, I was elated. But... I still suck. I've read the guides on how to be better but haven't really learned too much that I didn't already know. ( Not to say that the guides are unhelpful, but they don't magically make you skillful upon reading them.) I'm forced to ask the veteran community a difficult question. Since I haven't learned anything about combat from getting owned by the pros all the time, I have to ask, HOW DO YOU GET BETTER? Where do I go to practice? How should I approach a combat situation? What is the best way to attack a bomber from a Shrike? How do I lead my sniper shots or get a one-hit kill?

Questions like these plague me. I understand that 95% of these answers can be learned through practice. What I want to understand is the nuances of combat. If you consider yourself an expert in an aspect of Tribes and think you can provide useful info, do the noob community a favor and pipe in. For starters, lets hear from the Shriking veterans.


  • Practice, Practice, Practice....... 8) You have to be obsessed. Your like me halfass and enjoy just playing it. ;D
  • hi, if you want to learn first hand, get ahold of a shriking demo. zprotoss, woo?, snipah are examples of very good shrikers. maybe ask in-game for a demo from a shriker in goonhaven. when you get a demo pay attention to the particulars, aka. speed and maneuvers as well as mannerisms. use the script pilotmode to adjust shrike maneuverability. for shooting down bombers, try to come from a diagonal or underneath if they have a tailgunner, and jam his ability to fire rockets
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    You could pit yourself against bots in any gamemode. I have heard of a script that records your movements then forces a bot to follow it exactly.

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  • Well I would consider myself a shriking base at least. I was considered very good in classic, but for me it never felt the same. Anyway I have to disagree with the previous posters. I seriously don't mean to offend them, but I don't think their suggestions would help you much. Especially learning to shrike.

    The first key to shriking well is having complete control of the shrike. My suggestion for this is what I used to call flying gaps. Find a map with a lot of small holes a shrike can fly through and do so at full speed. You are good at that? Wonderful. Now do it upside down. Go through the gap and do a flip going back through the same gap. Do all sorts of tricks till you know the shrike. Ask anyone I used to fly with this was a very basic exercise I did all the time just for fun and to keep my skills up.

    Sadly the next part I can't help you too much with. Aiming the shrike blaster...That for the most part comes from skill. I had people constantly asking me to teach them to shoot, but really I couldn't...It caused a lot of drama. The only thing I can do for you here it what I did for everyone else. Make sure you do not have "rocker aim". You see that script thaen mentioned was very popular among pilots, but most people set their sensitivity way too high because of it. It led to what I called "rocker aim". To see if you have rocker aim do this:

    Put your butt to a point you want to fire at.

    180 and fire at the target

    As a novice you are likely to overshoot the target a bit. This is fine at first but you want to cut it down as much as possible with practice.

    Now here is the vital part. When you readjust from the overshoot if you overshoot again you have rocker aim. This simply means your sensitivity is either too high or you are ignoring the natural delay in shrike movement. Fix and repeat.

    Beyond those basics I suggest you simply practice and find your own style. People always expected to watch videos or get told some secret and magically learn how to play a role. It doesn't happen like that. Watching a video or being told to do something doesn't explain why to do one move vs another move that could of worked. It just takes developing a style with time and effort. I have trained a couple pilots that turned out to be pretty dang good, but I bet if you went back and asked them what I taught them they couldn't think of a thing besides the basics I just told you.

    The same goes for most positions in this game...dedication is key. Tribes 2 has so many roles and each is played so very differently. It takes time and dedication to learning said role.
  • the secret to blastering without your aim going all over the place is zooming in while shooting, or pilotmode 3 with its settings
  • here's an obvious tip that not to many new players try.
    when flying the strike, if you are cutting a turn in a wide open are or if your looking fro a safe place to land to do repairs go to third person view *might set you off a moment due to camera Chang* and use your free look key and get a sweep of your present area this can also help if your shooting a bomber and loos it for a minute (be warned though the free look cam can only turn oh so far like a normal human head so if you need to look the other direction you gotta totally turn the camera the other way.) and also while using free look the vehicle (your strike or any vehicle with free look active while moving) will continue to move at that's peed and at the turning speed you at so be careful where you are when using it.
  • I used to play the original tribes and was always a sporadic fan of the game. Like everyone else, I was forced to move on but remained a fan of the series. When I found TribesNext, I was elated. But... I still suck.

    I'm in the same boat as you, mate. We'll get there eventually! :D
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    what armor do you like to use, what role do you normally take while playing, if you tell me these things i can kind of give you a guide to that position. when it comes to general combat, just try spinfusor energy pack with scout armor, practice with that alot and it will help you with tribes in general.

    the spinfusor energy pack with scout armor is really the most basic thing, the skills you acquire from that loadout will help you with any loadout you want to use. i almost always am using laser rifle spinfusor and shocklance, try practicing with that
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