Adding deployed mines to CC map

I am trying to get a mine to be shown on CC map and sidepanel. What I have only find on any other device and deployable is that they have this unique setting on their script, example on spiderclamp has a:

cmdCategory = "DTactical";
cmdIcon = CMDTurretIcon;
cmdMiniIconName = "commander/MiniIcons/com_turret_grey";
targetNameTag = 'Spider Clamp';
targetTypeTag = 'Turret';

I have own icons set, but to be sure that whole thing would work, I copied the existing images from textures /commander/MiniIcons/ and /textures/commander/icons and just renamed them to be used with same way but with mines. So the mine includes the:

cmdCategory = "DTactical";
cmdIcon = CMDMineIcon;
cmdMiniIconName = "commander/MiniIcons/com_mine_grey";
targetNameTag = 'Deployed Mine';
targetTypeTag = 'Mine';

But they do not show up at all on the CC. I have grepped trought scripts to find out is there any other script what needs to be configured to include mines as being on CC or not.

And even including the default set of existing one (like the spiderclamp) with their icons to mine config, does not bring the mine to be shown on CC.
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