The Wheel, possible?

Well, i have been looking over the torque script, and have really been considering making my own mod for the game, based on adding only one thing that would add a whole new perspective to the game. Something so simple, yet very complex all at the same time.

So as i should say, The Wheel.

you could then make what i have been wanting a Ferris-wheel, the lights up and everything. Not as simple as a wheel but a rotating hinge. At which you could power and control from a switch, or lay out a car on tracks.

Anyways this would be a construct mod, and it could work. But i want some thoughts before starting endless hours of code

- thanks ,


  • Things to create with wheel,

    Merry Go Round,
    Ferris Wheel,
    Roller Coaster,
    Car and much more.

    Also, i would like to put in a Sensor, A Track that cooperates with the Wheel, along with a few others to make automatic contraptions, along with user-friendly attractions.
  • why bother

    also you'd have to push people out of the way and things like that
  • Because it would add a new perspective to the Construct gameplay, Humbug, why bother? thats why. :)
  • You're going to have to code all of the physics for it yourself and manually update its position and rotation periodically using those physics. It will be dirty and awkward, and you probably wouldn't be able to use it reasonably for anything you'd what to use it for. But you could do it.
  • T2 is already an amusement park with beer and hookers!
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