I just checked the past posts with a quick search and didn't find anything relevant enough, so if this is already been posted, flaming is welcome. Just provide a link after you're finished.

I did some research online and couldn't find a definitive gungho answer. I want to know the simplest way that you have used in the past to convert .rec files to a more user friendly format. Really anything but .rec. Thanks in advance.


  • FRAPS, or any other screen recorder app out there.

    .rec files are just a recording of all the data T2 processes during a game, and only T2 cares about what's in the file. To my knowledge, you can't "convert" .rec to anything else.
  • I was told there was possibly a way to actually convert them, but I guess screen capture is the most common. I was hoping for a conversion solution, but I guess it's not worth it. Thanks for the input.
  • Hi
    For the rec data to be converted to anything else, a t2 engine would have to render it first, I am just guessing here the rec data is likely bitstream in nature.
  • from console_end.cs
    function recordMovie(%movieName, %fps)
       $timeAdvance = 1000 / %fps;
       $screenGrabThread = schedule("movieGrabScreen(" @ %movieName @ ", 0);", $timeAdvance);
    function movieGrabScreen(%movieName, %frameNumber)
       if(%frameNumber < 10)
          %frameNumber = "0" @ %frameNumber;
       if(%frameNumber < 100)
          %frameNumber = "0" @ %frameNumber;
       if(%frameNumber < 1000)
          %frameNumber = "0" @ %frameNumber;
       if(%frameNumber < 10000)
          %frameNumber = "0" @ %frameNumber;
       screenshot(%movieName @ %frameNumber @ ".png");
       $screenGrabThread = schedule("movieGrabScreen(" @ %movieName @ "," @ %frameNumber + 1 @ ");", $timeAdvance);
    function stopMovie()
  • gee how efficient is that?
  • gee how efficient is that?
    Who doesn't want a metric ton of PNGs when trying to convert a nonce format into something else? Stitching them back together is the most fun thing in the world!

    Phantom's method doesn't output audio anyway.
  • Not my method, that's the console_end.cs method.
  • edited December 2009
    Just want to point out that games today still provide a method similar if not exactly the same to that for in-game recording of demos. You're supposed to use a program like VirtualDub to string the screenshots + audio together. It works very well.
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