TRIBES2 Upgrade textures

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I want to upgrade the best game I have ever played with more realistic looking textures .This is something I want for myself and for every one else . This is not easy . I'm mainly trying to find dlls and plugins to work with the tribes2.exe to run in a scrip and turn on in prefs . I'm not even close to being a good scripter but I understand alot and if I keep picking at this I believe I can make this work If any one else is interested in putting any thought on making this work please post something .


  • Cool story bro.
  • You should start by learning how to decompile an EXE and understand what comes out the other end.
  • All, I have the full compliment of my old tribe's maps, mods, etc. I used to be on the 2_Rivers tribe back in the day.

    I'm looking for a home for them; I'd like to get them out to someone (everyone?) who is putting up a server to provide some options. They had all the good mods on them, with regard to equipment. I'll be launching a new T2 server within the next 10-15 days; have to put it together.

    Anyone know who might want a copy? Let me know!

    2_Rivers_Ivan's Bones
    email: [email protected]
  • Wadtool is the tool that will process .png files to create unique .wad(texture reference) files for use in WorldCraft. The texture sets created in Wadtool are not the Tribes2 engine can be used in higher bit depths for better image quality.
    Read the full description
    In the Tribes 2 game engine there is an option to run the game using palletized, or 256 color textures. The textures for the 256 color images must be processed through a tool that we are currently preparing for release to the public. Until the conversion utility is released you will have to run shapes with custom texture sets at 16 or 32 bit image depth. After the release of this tool you will be able to create the custom .bm8 format images files. You can find more information about how to use Wadtool in the WorldCraft set up text.
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