Dynamix folder is corrupt?

It wont let me delete, view or edit the contents.


  • hax!
    That didnt make me laugh, and it didnt help solve the problem. :'(
  • You provided zero information besides " doesn't work"
  • God is telling you to stop bothering us. At least, that's what I'm getting out of this situation.

    Have you used anti-spyware and anti-virus programs? Have you checked the drive for errors using built-in programs in Windows? Hard drives don't just get corrupted folders. Either you turned it off at the wrong time, a virus did it, or the hard drive is going bad. If Windows error checking doesn't go well, you may want to think about backing stuff up.
  • are you running with admin authority or a user?
  • UE it with your crappy tank

    or try moving/deleting it in DOS.
  • are you running with admin authority or a user?
    I would have ran it as admin, but I couldnt access the folder.

    Factory restore fixed it.
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