Tribes 2 Annoying bastard guide(not the n00b stuff you are thinking it is)

read it all,its good,i will study it so i can be a booby trap/stealth pro :D

****word corrections****(will be updated)
Heroic Deathmatchers invariably buy light armour with an energy pack, though they don't necessarily tote a sniper rifle as well. The sniper rifle eats their energy, after all, and the Deathmatcher loves his jump pack.

it is not jump pack,it is jet pack.
Why just avoid their fire? Because people used to plain deathmatch games waste their ammo, that's why.

errr i think he meant play :P


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    My preffered tactic here:
    There's a particularly advanced Bastard strategy, best done with a team of two Bastards, in which you deploy a turret somewhere important to the enemy - like a spider clamp turret in the generator room, say. Then the other Bastard, who's standing somewhere far away and perfectly safe, immediately takes control of the turret via the command interface. In the generator-room permutation of this tactic, the turret-deploying Bastard blows up the generators with the help of the human-controlled turret, and heads off to have fun elsewhere. The other Bastard sits and waits.

    Sooner or later, an enemy repair guy will show up and fix the generators. The turret-controlling Bastard does not shoot this fine team player. He waits for him to go away.

    Then he disables the generators again, with turret fire. A single spider clamp turret takes a while to kill a generator, but it can do it. You don't have to actually blow the generators up; they stop working when the oscillating stuffs on the front stop moving. Stopping shooting the generator then saves time, and also saves your turret from getting damaged by the exploding-equipment blast.

    With the generators disabled again, back will come the angry repairer, scouting around to find the base-raper that he presumes must have done the deed. He'll fail to find anyone, almost certainly fail to suspect the apparently completely inert spider clamp turret hanging on the wall (or high on the ceiling, by preference), and he'll fix the generators and go away again. And shortly afterwards discover that all of the lights are out once more.

    pro-tip:wait for him while controling the turret so the turret won't shoot him automatically and won't be spotted.
  • i cpould do this in tribes 1 but im not sure if i can do it in tribes 2

    satchel charging some one ore somthing

    in tribes one if no ones tried this can can satchel charg a player or vehicle. if this is stil possible you can satchel charge a player and send him on a suicide run with the satchel charge (most certainly if you haven't guested generators or a room full of inventory stations.) if you wanna get real leathle!!!!! have multiple people satchel charge a player and send him in this will caes so much damage in wide open areas you can rand sack a hle base defense with one light suicide bomber now a vehicle can can be a car bomb *strikes or havocs witch ever way you wanna do it* a strike would be a quick light suicide bomber but with out the ability to *stop never the less enter a generators but it can be quick damage for a mpb

    a havoc suicide car bomber would be somthen taht would e you in the middle of the agme weapon (youv got heavys lobbying morters and exsplosives all over teh place while at the same time the heavys are sticking ther satchel charges to te havoc and ones ready to pull his pin)

    so hay if you love satchel charges see if this still works and quote this if it does or not.
  • so hay instead of 2 bastards pising the enemy off youc na ahve a hull group of basterds doing this.
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