blindkilla the destroyer of tribes


  • and red shifter is the president of the NEA of t2?
  • My name is Teratos, and I approve this thread.
  • Cut the guy some slack, he just doesn't like to be told what to think. I know that most of you can at least relate to that.
  • Hes not to be out done by teratos, the killer of trives.
  • god forbin trives...
  • Hes not to be out done by teratos, the killer of trives.
    Someone should ban .au, they have bittah, we don't need them here.
  • lol thats funny as hell I glad you posted this.It was made by a good friend of mine Mr.13 a great tribes player and funnier than hell RIP bro miss they hell outta you.
    he is probably smiling down knowing someone else is enjoying is work.

    funny thing is was he made it because a moronic MV admin was upset that I didnt agree with his tight ass rules so I was the destroyer of tribes mmmmuuuhhhaaaa
  • edited February 2010
    Oh BTW terry toes arent you and red shiter supposed to be working on ascension or something?

    but thanks for the memories 8) ;)
  • wuts the thing with the green dots?
  • its from an old godzilla movie I am rodan and thats a flying saucer
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