TAC 2 Fightnight (a T2 mod) - Fridays at 9:30pm EST!

Hey everybody!

I'm welcoming all of you to join us this Friday at 9:30pm EST in our weekly TAC2 F"l"ightnight! Visit our website to download the mod, and come play!

Team Aerial Combat :: TAC2 File Downloads


For those of you unaware, TAC2 is a mod for Tribes 2. It stands for Team Aerial Combat. As the name suggests, the mod is all about teamwork. How does it provide this, you may ask? Good question!


That's right! As a player, you can't touch the terrain. The only way to get anywhere on the map is to use vehicles to transport yourself about. Well that's all fine and dandy, but how does that produce teamwork? Simple: a player cannot pilot a vehicle and carry the flag at the same time! The only way to cap the enemy flag is to hitch a ride with another player, grab it, and then fly back as a passenger to yours.

Obviously vehicles are a big part of the mod, but how do they differ than those in Tribes 2? Well, because of the teamwork requirement, the three primary vehicles used are all variants of the Havoc transport. There's a 2-seater, 3-seater, and a 5-seater transport, each having its own strong and weak points. As mentioned, players can't touch the ground; thus, they spend most of the time in a vehicle if they're not defending a flag platform or assaulting a C&H switch. The preferred passenger loadout is Heavy with Repair Pack.

The 3 main types of game types we play are CTF, C&H, and Team Deathmatch. In all gametypes, spawn bases are inaccessible to the enemy. Spawn base assaults do not exist in TAC. Instead, all of the objectives to defend or attack, such as flag stands or C&H switches, are located on tiny island oasis platforms (that you CAN stand on) located in the middle of the map. The point is not to attack the enemy's base but to capture the flag, hold the objective, or blow up the enemy's ship (my favourite).

Personally, I get tired of all those mods out there that have a million different weapons, a million different vehicles, and absolutely nothing to offer in terms of gameplay or teamwork. What I love about TAC is, at it's core, it's basically Tribes 2 base minus the skiing. Very little weapon modifications exist, and the vehicle changes are only to facilitate teamplay. Team Aerial Combat is all about teamwork; if that's something you value, I urge you to check us out this Friday at 9pm EST!

Unfortunately because of custom maps, vehicle, and weapon models, a client-side download is required to play. You can download the mod at the following link:

Team Aerial Combat :: TAC2 File Downloads

Please make sure to download the Dynamix Final Map pack, as frequently the source of people's disconnection problems are because they don't have the maps and objects included in this pack!

Also, if you need to download the entire Tribes 2 game, you can get it here:


We play on the following server: www.tacmod.com - Branzone.com
You can also join us on Teamspeak: [TBA in game]
If you're bored with your current game, come give TAC a try! We play every Friday and welcome anyone to give it a try!

*A propaganda video is in the works!


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  • Reminder for this week, come out and enjoy some TAC2 tonight!
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