T1 version 1.4 Released?

Can someone please tell me what the heck is going on w/this? There's numerous threads on TribalWar claiming T1 v1.4 (www.playtribes.com) has been leaked. But I don't believe a word I read on TW; it's such an unmoderated sh*t fest to try and sift through. Can anyone clarify the state of things regarding Garage Games, PlayTribes, and the alleged leakage of v1.4? Thanks!


  • It's leaked and most likely pre alpha. As far as I know all official work on 140 is suspended to work on "another" project. This leak works on any ver of t1 server far as I have seen, and includes a bypass for lasthope, wich is what is getting the leak and 140 in general in trouble with those who do not like cheats. The status of the project is good and bad news both, good in that a new starseige or tribes ver may be in the making, bad in that t1 has new fodder to develop cheats in a game deader than t2.

    dare to imagine a dx11 tribes game
  • Evidence seems to indicate that GG's new game has absolutely nothing to do with Tribes.
  • Seems rather obvious to me that if GG were developing a new Tribes game, it would be an epic marketing blunder to NOT put in a few more resources and get PlayTribes released asap. I fear Kryand's right, that they're not working on a sequel. I'm so depressed...

    Thanks for bringing me up to speed, Blakhart!
  • Well, I have no idea what they're working on but I can still dream can't I? Besides, look at what happened to TV, they rereleased T1 and T2 to prep the "community", with a new "community patch" scripts.vl2 and all that, and look what happened to TV. The community patch is good stuff anyway. So if all of a sudden there's a new Starseige or Tribes without any prerelease propaganda I would not be surprised. I would be elated!
  • Most of the guys they've recently hired are guys who have worked on popular RTS games in the past. I guess it's possible they might make a Tribes RTS or something, but an actual Tribes game from GG is pretty much a fantasy.
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