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The Meltdown 2 Manual is your source for all information about Meltdown 2. It provides the details, strengths, and weaknesses of all the items ingame. Confused on what does what, or why the light just took a mortar to the face? Read here!

I can use your screenshots for the official gallery! If you have any good ones, feel free to visit the official Meltdown 2 forums and post them!


  • Hey keen, that's excellent news. I've been playing on solofire's server for the past few days. you and nite should come join us, if you can stand playing 1490 again, haha. cya keen.
  • Defender, rant somewhere else (like your own website). We don't need a flame war here, thanks.
  • Good news keen, Hope to see you modding it again.
  • Defender, rant somewhere else (like your own website). We don't need a flame war here, thanks.

    who's defender? did a post get deleted?
  • You know I'll be there Keen...
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    F**k yeah. I've played a couple VERY FULL games and this is REALLY COOL F**K YEAH. We should all exchange screen names to get games going.
  • not sure whether to put this here or not. D:

    is the solofire server down? :( it's not showing up on the list anymore.
  • not sure whether to put this here or not. D:

    is the solofire server down? :( it's not showing up on the list anymore.
    Yeah, it's down.
  • Its there. But it has BOTS ON IT WHY.
  • Perhaps because the server host decided to add bots, dur. :)
  • Does anyone know the name of the mod that competed with meltdown in t1/early t2?
    I remember the clan(like DB? i think?) :-P but not the mod name.
    Wonder if thats still around.
    That and TAC2 were my favorites, along with the occasional return to base and version2.
  • Added picture gallery.
  • I would play more if the bots were removed. All they do is cause more fps lag for me. (this computer is old)
  • Meltdown2 is all MaJoR plays for Tribes2
  • Looks like Major and KoM are gonna have to have a MATCH THEN, EH?
  • Sweet, clan battles. This is just the publicity I can use to get MD2 interest up!
  • HAHAHAHAHA! Looks like I may be needed. Anybody know when tryouts for either clan are?
  • This is good, good....

    For all of you playing on SoLoFire's server, I could use your help in the MD2 forums for your input on what you think could improve the mod. A new version is coming soon, so get in your ideas before it closes!
  • Flight Mines: Mines that do no damage but you can carry an infinite amount of them.
  • Flight Mines: Mines that do no damage but you can carry an infinite amount of them.

    Unfortunately the new version we're running doesn't have juggy mine surfing anymore.
  • but.... why...? that's what makes it fun...
  • If there is something you like or don't like, bring it up on the forums link in the first post. The Meltdown 2 community is there overall, and everyone's input is valuable.
  • ok, i'll post with a reasonable argument, but i understand you've probably gone through a lot of effort to remove it, i doubt you'll be putting it back in. oh well, there's always 1490, haha.
  • My favorite part of MD2 is the recycling center.

    If you guys are doing a PUG sometime, I'd love to join in.
  • MaJoR is looking for people who will Join up with us and Scrim!
  • Please visit forums and register your app..

    Has been updated with vital information for players new and old. Don't know what something does? Wondering why those bases are invincible? Read here!
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    v1923 Release - posted here since the website is down temporarily.

    Changes from Meltdown 2 v1900 to v1919

    Complete Changes:
    * Graphical update for all heavy-frame pack weapons
    * VectorPort cooldown reduced to 1 second overall
    * Shotgun cannon for Scout armor modified - now shoots spider clamp shots
    * Daishi Turbo Chaingun fixed - was doing wrong (1/3rd) damage
    * Daishi Heavy Energy Turret changed - now shoots 3 energy blasts instead of 1 for same energy cost
    * Fixed pack weapons based on ammo should always fire when pressing the Pack button (and has ammo, obviously)
    * Battle Angel Overdrive changes: Now limited to 30 seconds (as originally intended), no increased damage taken, damage done increased to 200% (from 50%), and yes for those wondering, BA Overdrive does count as a suicide, meaning -10 points on death
    * D+D properly stops auto-repairing dead players
    * Wearing a Repair pack will increase Health Patch and Health Kit effectiveness by 300%
    * Player clones should stop appearing
    * Marantz -> Valkyrie Interceptor - Quad wing fighter which sacrifices shields for a destructive arsenal - Weapon 1: Dual Turbo Chaingun - Weapon 2: Quad KM Reaver Blaster Array - Weapon 3: TFX-19 'Puma' Seeking Missiles x4
    * Silvershark -> Removed
    * Reflected/Repulsed shots should properly credit killer
    * Slipstream now detects Grenades, Mines, Packs, Satchels, Vehicles, and other miscellaneous items
    * Assault CSL properly ignores pack-fire weaponry
    * Wolfhound -> Retaliator Assault Battleship - graphical and weapon update, front two slots have changeable tank barrels (Comet Cannon, StarHammer)
    * Bot name generator updated - should no longer generate blank names, new names added

    Changes from Meltdown 2 v1919 to v1923

    Complete Changes:
    * No longer possible to mount 2 guns at once on Retaliator
    * All places that read 'Wolfhound' should now read 'Retaliator'
    * Valkyrie now has the option to turn on/off missile locking via Mine key
    * Projectiles should no longer disappear when switching to CSL
  • I remember Dynablade from the T1 days :). I remember an issue or two you had with the boys from Sojourn Development ( Chivalry mod) over a script or two . The Drama , the Drama , lol ! ;D
  • There really wasn't much in the way of drama actually. It didn't work out, so I moved on.
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