How do you make a server?

I want a public server so I can mod it but when I try to open it, it says I need to configure my port settings and stuff. Is there anyway I can fix this?


  • Sorry I posted this in the wrong spot... but here is the things I have saw.

    - Your server could not be contacted.
    -Check your IP / port configuration.

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  • I looked there, I have not found the direct post of how to get it set up... be more specific please.
  • Your server will typically use the ip of the machine it runs on so get that ip from that machine. The port is normally 28000 or something like that unless it is changed via startup string or in serverprefs.cs. To try to connect to a server by ip, hit insert after all servers have been queried. Then enter the ip and port of the server you wish to connect to. The server needs to be running of course. You should save that server as a fav so you don't have to hit insert all the time. This is all barring any firewall or router keeping you from contacting the server.
  • Where do I put the ip adress?
  • In the startup string or in serverprefs.cs.
  • Sorry for asking so many questions but can you give me a picture of how to do this? I typed in my ip adress in the server startup thing. I also tried getting it in the serverprefs.cs but I could not find the ipadress insert there. Could you give me a picture tutorial or something that can help me out?
  • This is an ensample startup string:
    GameData\ispawn.exe 28000 Tribes2.exe -dedicated -nonpure
    (add your own directories before gamedata)

    In serverconfig.cs:
    $host::bindaddress = ""; // input ip desired here
    $host::port = "28000"; // add any port you wish to use

    More info here:
  • Yet, still dont understand, I jacked up my file and accidentally deleted the coding in serverpref.cs... Im mad. >:(
  • Try to restart a server, the prefs will be remade for you, then go and change it.
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