ways to get new comers started on tribes

from all my time playing tribes 2 there ways iv learned to get ready for accusal online play but like most post theirs gonna be lots of people ho will agree and yet disagree so feel free to tell how you think new players can train up on the tribes 2.

my way of getting better at the tribes 2 is do bot matches for a couple days (exploring normal,classic tribes 2 maps) and start out with no bots just get to know your surroundings from weapons to packs to what base equipment does what to manding the command circuit to even control the turrets with the command circuit. ( not that your gonna be doing that often of course but sometimes its useful) then see what you can do (still with no bots)
try some trick and routes you have seen on youtube or herd about in the forum such as a flag run with a strike
this video tribes 2 inside will show you what that is.

even get with a friend and try flag throwing to see if you can do that. but theirs more than just flag runs.
you can do stuff from flag cover in heavy (Juggernaut armor) to scout sniping (lazer rifle and energy pack) and scout assassin (shocklanc and cloak pack)

see what armors suit you best and with what task you can accomplish in em (you learn better with task when you have bots so keep that in mind)

then also see what vehicles you can control and see if theirs any task you can accomplish in em (bomber runs as tail gunner to havoc heavy assault run

k now you can try bots see how you can do now remember you can set the difficulty level of the bots right when you start the match so experiment with this to find your difficulty level your pleased with.

now when you feel your ready try to go online or if you wanna try playing against another player ho has about as much skill as you or know some one ho plays near by use the land line connection in the solo & lan tribes 2 down load you got. remember a player is better then an ai .the ai you fight are on fixed movement grids a player moves freely across the map so his/hers tactics will change daring game unlike bots. so see if you can get friends or family members ho play tribes to join on a private tribes online server or lan server.

happy hunting ;)

remember if any one experienced is readying this feel free to provide tips of your own for new comers.


  • Yeah, it's tough to bring new people into this old game for sure my friend. The two main reasons for this that I can see are 1) extremely high learning curve - a skilled T2 player might use over 60% of the keys on their keyboard during a game and 2) the ratio of skilled experienced players and asshat scriptors to your average joe is pretty high. My recommendation is to go thru the training missions several times until you can beat them all on hard difficulty. The mission bloodjewel is especially useful as it will teach you how to farm and defend a base from waves of attack. Even if you start out the game as a farmer/repair monkey you can still have fun as you learn how to fight and you will definitely be a team asset as most players are the gloryhounds these days that just play to rack up points and see the name up in lights on the top of the scoreboard. Teamplay is in short supply so those who can still see the big picture will one day be revered again.
  • less voice pack spam = more noob friendly, and i believe the training missions are bugged.
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    There's a bunch of players from InstantAction.com (IA) who play a game called "Fallen Empire : Legions (FE:L)". The game is very simular to Tribes, and it's currently down. Maybe some of those players would like to play TribesNext while they're waiting for IA to get the game back up?
  • yeahh i use Xfire just give it some time more ppl will fallow

    Xfire- forgotten79
    add me we can start up a chat room
  • I use xfire too
  • host a lan that offers free pizza
  • This post makes it seem like it's been down for over a year.

    By the way, the best way to get newcomers started on Tribes is to bother Kryand to make more videos. Those things rocked.

    Heck, I would make them if I knew anything about this game.
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    I have been working on bringing new players in and if it weren't for the account creation server being down currently I would be right now.

    Essentially, I post to several communities to get interest. While I do explain what makes the game fun the main thing I highlight is the reasons why they should AT LEAST give the game a chance.

    The big three being:

    1. It's 100% free.
    2. It has low system requirements for nowadays.
    3. Small 500mb download.

    After I highlight the reasons they should at least try the game I begin to really highlight what makes the game so much fun.

    After all this I give them the information of my Mumble voice chat to play and ask questions. I recommend them the tutorials if they've never played a Tribes game before and refer them to the newbie guide here.

    Finally and most importantly, we get on an unpopulated server and play.

    I also give them a Steam group to join. Currently 74 members strong. How many of those will continue to play is anyone's guess but I'm certainly doing all I can.

    Easy ways to help:

    1. Be helpful to new players.
    2. Play on different servers once in a while.
    3. Tell your friends.
    4. Tell your friends to tell their friends.
    5. Spread the word EVERYWHERE.
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    I would also like to see some wallpapers all over my town and probably other towns too , with a cool picture and the website name , this would certainly attract players .

    I was considering doing something along these lines. Placing fliers at the local campus on the public bulletin boards in the CS building.

    We could definitely get the population soaring if everyone did their part. A steady flow of new players coming in is vital to the longevity of the game. Also I feel the sooner Email, Clans, and the Browser are reimplemented the easier it will be to convince players to spread the word.
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