Question....'coz I forgot

Heya guys - does anyone remember that mod that had bombers that had nukes, turrets mounted on the TG spot, etc. A lot of HVers and FTKers played it - it's at the tip of my tongue (like your mom, hahah) and I can't seem to remember (like your mom... :( )



  • MeltDown 2?
  • Sounds like Renegades to me... maybe Heavy Medal... I don't remember.
  • Maybe RevMod?

    The bomber with the nuke sounds like something from RevMod, but I could be wrong (It has been a long time).
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    its revmod lex used to run a server for us back in the day with twisted being one of the and 13 used to own in the nuke bomber when we played in the matches for FTK lol.
  • That's definitely revmod that you're talking about. Maaaannn... those were the days.
  • definately revmod.
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