I was late to see this

This video gave me chills . One hell of a job !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlQ7xgAZWZE


  • It's pretty good. Too bad it isn't on the TribesNext frontpage.
  • It would be kind of cool if the latest patch would replace the intro video with that
  • Awsome video! Great camera work and editing.
  • it even has drama!


    thanks thyth and everyone who lent a hand in making tn
  • Wow...Awesome video..

    Two Questions:
    Who made it?
    And what kind of system does this guy have because i don't even have that HD effect when i play...

    oh hybrid, do you still have that Mafia Video from years ago with the Two Towers theme???
  • lol I'm hybridsin
  • lol i'm hybrid

    thank god i'm not hybridsin

    edit: no doc, i lost that video years ago. i don't even think the video track worked properly. :(
  • Docroadie, it's me Brolly!...and oh yeah nice vid Shadow.
  • Docroadie, it's me Brolly!...and oh yeah nice vid Shadow.

    Brolllyyyyyyyyyyyyy and Hyyyyyyyybrriid.. My bro's from NY. I think it was NY. I remember when you guys couldn't hit a landspike with your targeting laser.. But now, Hybrid has been owning me in Goon's--LOL.

    Do you still play brolly?? You probably have been owning me in Goon's under another name--lol.
    I think we need to get the band back together for old times sake.. Maybe get enough players for a game playing Base instead of classic..
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