Please Help. Cannot create an account.

Pretty much what the title says.
I know it's a common problem, but it's something I can't seem to fix.
I just get the message saying that the server is offline or unavailable. I've opened ports, added exceptions to firewall... disabled firewall, set affinity to a single core, and tried and tried again to get connected.

Any ideas?


  • Hi
    You can try a test account:
    "online jerk"


    If you cant dl the credentials needed for the user account, send me your email in a pm and I will send you the creds. Conversely you can have me create your account and email you your creds.
  • Hmm... Well i can't download the credentials for the test account. If you could create an account for me that would be great.

    Actually 2 accounts would be good since my dad enjoys playing online too on his laptop.
  • I didnt think there was a need to make my own thread :P

    I have the EXACT same issue. I've done all the fixes yet it still says the servers down when I try to make an account. I tried that online jerk account, but when it went to download the information [ i assume this is what you all mean when you say credentials?] it never amounted to anything and I couldnt get on. I'd really appreciate it if anyone was willing to make an account for me. :(
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    If you can't download credentials or create an account, you have some sort of firewall blocking access to the account server. In many cases, that same firewall problem will block your access to the list server, preventing you from finding any servers once you have an account.

    You're better off fixing your firewall.
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    It cant be my firewall, i have it and the windows fire wall off, a dmz on my router- etc etc. My computer is as wide open and begging to be hacked as it can possibly imagine to be.
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Join the IRC channel.

    Many people have claimed that it couldn't be their firewall. None have been right so far.
  • I think ive been proved right- sadly. I uninstalled my firewall and I still couldnt connect. :(
  • time and time again i have created accounts for players WHO COULD NOT CREATE THEIR OWN ACCOUNTS FOR WHATEVER REASON EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD NO FIREWALL OR OTHER and emailed them the creds and they can play just fine

    all of them who could not create their own account could play after getting their creds

    why is this?
  • I dont know, but you could you do the same for me? I was in IRC for like five hours last night, and found no fix! :(
  • pm me the player name and password desired, and your email addy and id be glad to make one for you
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    edit: i manged to get it working somehow, so thanks for the offers of help everyone but they are no longer required. ;)
  • yeah same for me i can't create an account :(:(
  • same prob. here can someone please help me thnx..
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