Servers there one day, gone the next

I had some problems getting Tribes running, but I got around it yesterday and played all last night. All the servers were there, and I favourited Goon Haven. Today, IIRC all the servers were there when I first loaded up the game, and I played goon haven for a bit. Next time I logged on- only Goon haven. I paid no attention, thought it accidentally refiltered to my faviroutes or something. Then I logged on again, and noticed that there was no mistake on the filter, and only goon haven was showing up. I unfavourited goon haven. It disappeared. I have at this moment, no servers, despite it working perfectly last night and I having connected to a server only 3-4 hours ago. My firewall is off, and my affinity is set to one core which was one of my issues. Yet they've all...vanished into thin air. There are no DSO's in my base folder. I've checked all the issues on that thread about connectivity. I cant figure out why it suddenly stopped working.


  • When only faves show up in the server list, it means that the master server is offline or you cannot reach it on the net due to some issue on the net itself. Once you lose the favorite your client no longer remembers what ip to try for a live server without help from a master server. Dsos will not have much to do with this, unless the issue at the master server is related to a dso in the master server. I can't see that happening as most every master server code I have seen does not use the game at all. Master servers are much more like a webserver or sql server than anything else, most are written by hand from the ground up.
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    Well how could it be possible that I cant reach the master server? My firewall is off, and I get a ping from the master server, and I can see this:

    Hell, my Dad can connect to the Master server and hes just in the other room, he's got the same firewall I do [and is off, as mine is]. I could connect this time yesterday, and I dont see how anythings changed on my computer or my network.
  • what scripts are you running, if any?

    what is different from your dads t2 install and yours?
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    Theres not a single difference between my Dad's install and mine. I haven't changed the game in any way from a day ago when I first got it working.
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