sorry but I have simple noob question

I have looked around these forums but cant seem to find an explanation of turrets and how to use them. I understand that sometimes you can set your own turrets and create custom defense around your map. How do you set these and what do I need to know so I can set up turrets myself?

I seem to remember a really long time ago playing the original Tribes and there were all kind of turrets and you could even use cloaking or shield nodes on them to make them tougher or invisible. Can we do that in this version?

I appreciate your replies for my noob question.


  • In base or classic mod (most played) there are 4 types of turrets:
    - big turret (changable barrel)
    - bulid "in wall" turret
    - landspike turret
    - spider clamp turret

    Ad. "big turret" (barrels) (non remote):
    - mortar turret - long range, shitstorm, not as think useful turret, it can rape friendly base ~~ (useful if there no spieder clamps, landspikes and invs at its range)
    - ELF - drain energy from nearby targets (useful agains cappers)
    - plasma - shoots slow projectles at mid range (useful against all targets)
    - AA turret - mid/long range turrets attacks "hot" targets (sucha as vehicles), uncheatable with flares (i think useless in classic mod)
    - missle turret - fires missles at long range - very useful when there are more than 1 active missle turrets (very useful against vehicles and cappers "if there are 2 or 3 turrets this type)

    Ad. "bulid in wall"
    It's a very helpful turret - decent damage, and very accurate (static base asset)

    Ad. Landspike turrets(remote):
    Can be placed on ground, try to place them at open areas, where it has a big attack area, and can't be easly destroyed. It have a little splash damage. Again I think it have too slow projectle, so it is nerfed in classic.

    Ad. Spider clamp turrets(remote):
    Can be placed on solid surfaces (such as buildings). No splash damage, but fires accurate and fast projectles. Mainly useful as a flagstand defense agains cappers.

    Mounting barrels to big turrets:
    First of all, think against what it should work. Plasma and missle turrets are most useful I think. If turret attack range reach flagstand, rather use plasma, or ELF turret. If attack range can reach shit, use missle turrets.

    Placing spider clamps:
    Try to cover them from enemy fire, and try to let them attack a strategic area (eg flagstand). Also try to place them in places that let you place more turrets.

    Placing landspikes:
    imho best strategy is to make a "landspike field" or "landspike path", it mean to place many landspike in a strategic area (eg. in front, or behind flagstand), or place them on a path of incoming or evading capper. It also can be a good idea to place them around "strategic places".

    I wrote here some basics, farming (placing turrets and stuff) sometimes is a complicated and hard work, but I love to see only my own turrets setting and its effectivity :)

    Sorry, if this post is hard to uderstand. 05:20 AM here, I'm tired, drunk and stuff, hard to use non-native language now ;]
  • Your reply really helps. I will work on it tonight when I play. Thank you.
  • I'd sudjest try to Google some old tribes 2 matches scrim like this
    Hope that helps this is another form of lettin 1 know the game mechanics
  • I appreciate the replies.

    In the original Tribes game there were all different mods that were popular and most of them let you have multiple turrets deployed at a time. I remember having a large selection of kinds to pick from and all different kinds of shield and cloaking nodes and even security doors and shields that made defense fun. Are there mods out there like that now with this game? Building defenses was a lot of fun in the old game. You would play with engineer armor and could spend the whole match building and repairing stuff. The little bit I have been playing this version I haven't seen anything like that. Is that kind of stuff around anymore?

    Altered Beast
  • Hi Altered Beast,

    Download the HalDeployer.vl2 and support.vl2 scripts:

    HalDeployer.vl2 puts a nice little ring around your crosshairs - the ring is green when you can deploy and red/yellow (I can't remember) when you can't - it's really helpful.

    support.vl2 is just a support package for all sorts of scripts.

    Put them in your Tribes2/GameData/Base/ folder (or you can create a Scripts/ folder in there and put them in the Scripts/ folder).

  • PS: The turret names:

    "Base Turrets" - the big ones with changeable barrels - people will almost always get mad if you don't use the plasma barrel except in special situations.

    "Sentry Turret" - motion activated turret placed on walls. It also activates if an enemy sensor or player sees you.

    "Landspike Turret" - deployable on the ground. Drop around the flag or near base entrances.

    "Spider-Clamp Turret" - deployable on walls and rocks. Less powerful, but again, place around flag, base entrances, and generators.
  • the best placement of turrets is out of the way but still covering the area to protect, and yet where they will not be damaged
  • Sorry, if this post is hard to uderstand. 05:20 AM here, I'm tired, drunk and stuff, hard to use non-native language now ;]
    on gaming forum while drunk - i've seen it all..
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