32 bots unhandled exception error

I recently picked up Tribes 2 again, and (at last) found the community patch. So i can play with 32 bots. But everytime I start with 32 bots, the game freezes so fast a bot shoots. I can play with 16 bots, but i really want 32 bots, and I know I could play with 32 bots on my old computer. So I wonder if someone knows how to fix it.


  • Hi
    If you are running a listen server, meaning you play and host the server at the same time in the same instance of the game, playing in a dedicated server would be far better for 32 bots. 32 is a lot of ai players for a server to process. A decent dedicated server may handle 32 just fine as it does not have to render the video, just process gamestate.
  • Ah, I didnt thought about that. Ill try that after I defragged the computer.
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    I havent defragged yet, but I tried to make a dedicated server. But it crashed with UE.

    EDIT: I fixed it now. Can you guess how? ;D I took 31 bots instead. That seem to work perfect. And in the rubble when I testing with 32 bots, I saw a bot with grey pointer above him, I guess the error is something about that. Thanks for your help btw.
  • If you like bots, the best are to be found in the scripts.vl2 from the "community release" update by the zods, the guys who made the classic mod. It has advanced bots and fixes to many issues in the game. To be honest, the credit for the advanced bots goes to Lagg, he fixed and added to the ai code making them truly worthy and the zods added Laggs code to their updated scripts.vl2. If you would like a copy, simply pm me your email adress and will send it your way. To install: backup your old scripts.vl2 from the gamedata/base folder, and paste the new one in. This is the scripts.vl2 to use in any t2 install, client or server.
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