Hi, problem with devastation mod

So I'm not new to Tribes2, but I haven't played in forever. I remember some of the weapons in the Tribes 2 demo V2 (I.E. Widow Maker) and I would like to use those weapons in the devastation mod. I can get the server up and running, but I can't pick any of the weapons in the mod. Any help would be nice, thank you.


  • Be sure to delete all the DSOs from your base folder.
  • I did such, and it still won't let me.
  • When you say all the dso files, you mean EVERY single one in EVERY single folder? I used the dso cleaner provided in a help thread.
  • Using a DSO cleaner sometimes deletes vital DSOs from a mod. If Devastation is a DSO-only mod, you will need to re-download it and this time only delete DSOs from your base folder (and subdirectories).
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