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  • Thre is no reason why you cannot swap CPU's as long as the motherboard supports it. If you not sure go on the motherboard mfg's can check it out. As far as the hard drives are concerned sure you can if the motherboard are the same you should have not problems, but if the mother board is not the same and you are using it as the OS drive you will need to reformat the drive and re-install the OS and re-install the driver for that motherboard.

    Hop that helps
  • Hi

    First off, finding out what failed in the faster system would be a good idea.

    To see if a cpu swap is possible one must see what cpu socket is supported by each motherboard, and if the board supports the speed of cpu you intend on installing. Determine the socket and fsb of each system, and go from there.
  • Ugh , and how do i find the motherboard's name ? The socket , fsb and all that stuff if the pc is broke .. ? I don't have a manual or something like that , and i doubt it's written on the processor .

    And the system yeah ...i was playing tribes 2 then the pc restarted once then after ten minutes again and again , then when i played again i heard a noise in the pc and it turned off ...i tryed with different cables , etc. but it doesn't turn on (the power) .
    I guess it's the power supply but i don't know so good ...

    Look at the mother board it will give you the mfg and the model number
  • What socket are the celerons?
  • "ASROCK Conroe Presler 775i945GZ dual core cpu , FSB 800 dual channel
    Universal platform compatibile with D4B and D4A processors ."

    This sounds like it's an Asrock mobo, supports conroe and presler cores, is a socket 775 mobo, uses the Intel i945gz chipset, has an 800MHz fsb and dual memory channels, supports d4b and d4a cpus. If the other system has a socket 775 cpu in it they may be swappable. But then what about fsb? Is the memory the same speed in both systems?
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