Time to blow the whistle on the classic players.

I can't hold back this information anymore. This recording contains secret information about the future that classic players envision for Tribes 2. I'm never going to be able to go back after showing you this; the true face of the conspiracy.

I'm sorry...


  • Yep, loosing a wall is a sad experience. But as you can see that trauma can be just a begining, begining of something new, something epic, begining of a great journey - JOURNEY OUTWARDS our shitbox so called "sandbox". But trust me, in fact that is a journey inwards, into every single mind of human beeing. You can't se this infinite, till your journey lasts FOREVER.

    ale nakurwiam wolololo
  • I don't know why, but I somehow expected this to be some kind of RickRoll...
  • i want my x minutes back
  • Hey now! Tribes in the house...can't wait... :D
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