Old Player.. back in the game..

Hey guys, my name is PureGrain. I have played T1 and T2 in the past and played on some great teams in the past. I just found this site and have it reloaded on my new game rig and ready to join in some great battles. I will be setting up some dedicated servers on my hosting network real soon and possibly have some good times again.

Thanks for the devs who bring this all back together. Might just have to bust out the old scripting fingers once again. ;)


  • Save yourself some money. There's a ton of servers up right now and non are populated. There are only about 5 that ever have people playing. We don't need more servers. :-X
  • I appreciate it, I decided to just throw up a Caerbannog LakRabbit server up for jiggles. It is on a back office server in Indy with decent pipes. I will have to figure out how to get it running on any decent servers I have in Dallas or LA due to them running CentOS. But thanks for the info.
  • Is it Caerbannog or LakRabbit?
  • For some reason the admin mod I am running will not allow Caerbannog to run at startup. It works on the server when I change to it in game, so it starts as LakRabbit.
  • WOW! Can't believe this game is still alive! :o

    T1 and T2, both very excellent and special games in their own right, have always been my favorites. I hated to see them die out.........or at least I assumed they died out!

    The last I played was 2002-03. I was beta testing the latest patch when I decided to call it quits, for various reasons.

    In 2006, I saw a game trailer that had a mech/herc in it, and having been a starsiege/tribes/mechwarrior fan, I honed in on it, hoping for the best.

    That game is BF2142, which I still play today. A fabulous game in its' own way (majorly buggy though), I have since wished for a game to come along that would include a combination of Tribes 1/2, Starsiege, Mechwarrior, BF2142 and last but not least, the Shifter mod in both Tribes series. That would be awesome!

    I loved Shifter! I hope that's still around....

    Now that I've found Tribes again, I can't wait to get back into it! I also hope that T1 is still alive, as I like that just as well, and it had a particular atmosphere that was unique.

    Back in the day, I wrote a massive newbie guide for T2, which is still hosted by Planet Tribes. I was looking over it today, and I can see that I'm going to have to reread my own guide to learn the game again! It's been 8 years!

    Well, good to see you guys, hopefully this game will continue to have life in the coming years, and hopefully the old mods and scripts are still available as well. IIRC, I was Lorderan in the game, and milky or milkydoo on the Sierra T2 forums.
  • Please post link to this guide, would be helpful for drawing more newbs.
  • Please post link to this guide, would be helpful for drawing more newbs.
    Here's the link: http://www.planettribes.com/milkydoo/ Honestly, I called it a newbie guide in my previous post, but it's really a general tactic, tip and strategy guide for all players, and especially those returning like me.

    Bear in mind that it was lasted edited in 2002, and I fully admit I'm not the best writer in the world, and much of the information there is opinion based on my own gameplay experience.

    I'm hoping I can regain access to my old account there, and if so, I'll spruce it up some, make it a little easier to read, take out the frames, update with the latest links, etc, etc.

    There are a number of other T2 guides out there as well, as mine probably won't suit everyone.
  • WOW! I can't believe T2 is BACK!!! Super excited to get this installed and play again. Like comfy old jeans. Been a fan since the old T1 days, specially the old Renegades mod. Funny I was just telling a buddy about it this morning and he was going to see if he could find an old copy somewhere as I still have my original so we could play. Such a shame those other guys wrecked the legacy with T3, what a disappointment. :'(
    Disc Launcher here I come.
  • And.. I'm back!! I have some dedicated servers up for now, we shall see how this goes and how active the community is again.

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