Crosshair Missing

I recently logged in to play and found that my crosshair on every weapon but my spinfusor was gone. The only modish stuff I use are the PJ scripts. I even disabled all of them and my crosshair still doesn't show up. The only server I've been playing on is teh Rumble of War server. Any ideas?


  • 1. Uninstall cheats.
    2. Remove PJ scripts
    3. Run .dso deleter
    4. Either don't use PJ's scripts or try them again.
    5. Continue to not reinstall cheats.
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    Wasn't aware that I was using cheats. But apparently you know more about my computer and what I use than I do. (sarcasm) I tried your advice and nothing changed. I played in other servers and the crosshairs came back up, I think it's just the Rumble of War server. BTW the only PJ scripts I use are the buddy tracker and kill tracker scripts.

    So if anyone else plays Rumble of War server and gets no crosshairs, it's probably just the server.
  • Yeah if your crosshairs work in other servers than it's that specific server's mod.
  • some rets don't work when using extreme resolutions, i had to take my ret and expand it from about 1280x800 to 1440x900 using a paint prog
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