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Okay so basically Shift+alt+PRTSC, Shift+PRTSC, Alt+PRTSC, or PRTSC isn't working. Its suppose to go in your Tribes2/Gamedata folder, which it isn't. Also if i try to paste in Paint it comes out all black. I downloaded EVERY screenshot script I can find that will either; let you set a certain key and send it into a folder, or send it to a folder blah blah. It will work when I play T2 in windowed mode, they come out fine, even if I try to paste it in Paint they come out perfect. But NOT in windowed mode and if it does this is what it looks like.

Can someone explain why? And someone should make an uptodate Screenshot script. I'm sure it would be easy to make for an average scripter I just want to be able to take screenshots when I'm in FULL window mode. Help?


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    1. Disable cheats.
    2. Try disable vsync (also cheat)
    3. Load default config (other are cheats)
    4. I've got screenshots all orange when I've changed(trying to cheat):
    $pref::OpenGL::disableARBMultitexture = "0"; to "1"
    in clientprefs, try it for yourself, Tribes looks funnier :)

    I can't show you cause Tribes uses different algorithm than just "Prt Scr" wich saves bmp file in cache.

    In windowed mode, you should disable vsync in graphic driver controls.
  • First off I have no cheats.
    Second, LouCypher tried helping me and the only it works is if I change my Video from OpenGL to D3D. I don't want to do that because it lowers my FPS in HALF! And its a pain to change just when I want a screenshot. Anyway around changing the video thing?
  • what vid card do u run?
  • I talked to LouCypher about it and I updated my Drivers, still did it. I switched in game settings from OpenGL to D3d (don't know what it does though) and now they work fine. Only thing is my FPS drop in half when I go to D3d. Is there anyway to fix this? he said something about my the type of chipset I have.
  • YWontUDie Hey man this is Bass's youngest son. I'm playing Tribes : Ascend. Shoot me a message or an email so I can give you a beta testing key for Tribes : Ascend if you don't have one already.
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