Can only select OpenGL as your renderer?

So, I recently wondered why I could only select OpenGL on my desktop at home, with an 8800GTS 512, and could select between OpenGL and D3D on my laptop, with an Intel 945GM.

In my meanderings, I found a guy who suggested to someone having widescreen issues only being able to select the OpenGL renderer:
Ok, in this case I would simply try another driver for the 7800, an older one mebbe.

That wouldn't really help anything, as T2's .cs files have matrices for default settings for various cards. In particular, any Geforce card isn't allowed by default to select anything other than OpenGL as it's rendering mode. As such, no matter what driver version you try, it won't matter, since Tribes will still see "Geforce" somewhere in the card's identifier, and will say "Nope! This card won't render right in D3D mode!"

The solution? Change the .cs files to allow you to use D3D, and hope that the problem was that nVidia just has deprecated support for old OpenGL versions. That might cause D3D to report all the resolutions available.

Also, this will fix me only being able to select OpenGL as my renderer. No, I don't have anything against OpenGL. In fact, I think OpenGL is rather spiffy. But driver support for OpenGL, especially really old versions, is fading, so I try to use D3D when possible.

I'll try to upload modified versions of the .cs files tonight that will (hopefully) be more appropriate for modern situations.


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    Yes you can edit cardprofiles.cs to say whatever you want or even delete it and it will not matter as the game checks what the driver and card supports. In game, under settings, look at driver info and it will tell you what the card, driver, and game is going to deliver as far as opengl (or d3d) specs. Just keep in mind that t2 was written for opengl and dx8 spec hardware, so why would you want d3d? Nvidia is the golden rule for opengl drivers, if you want to play and not crash, an nvid card and opengl will do way better than say ati and d3d. I stand by what I said about 7800 and older cards, the drivers made after your card was state of the art are not optimised for your card, and many times, all too often, I hear from players that went back to older drivers from when their card was new and that fixed their issue. I know other games may require latest drivers, but whatever. If you just want to play t2, why make things harder?
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