SelfShot MidAir Disc Catching

Goonhaven fun ;D

Dont try this at home, you might hit the walls and hurt your head :(


  • Me either :D I have done this overall about 50 hours to get fast as a disc ^^ It was worth it... Lazor or lance would be harder to catch :D
  • firing disks in ultra mod in t1 could result in being hit by your own disk when ypu boosted past their speed
  • Oki, but this is tribes2 and classic is the mod :)
  • It would be cool to catch chaingun projectiles...
  • I don't even understand how you did that...
  • it's so damn easy , i just did it again in less than a minute . It's not hard , just "be slapped" and then shoot in air till it hits you ...

    Umm, WTF. Thats cheating :D i only used my spinfusor disk jumps and jetpack... not "be slapped" things -.-
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