How do I script and write a mod 4 a server?

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By the way, who has a mod that makes spinfusors and plasma rifles full-auto?


  • scripts.vl2, which is a zip file with a different name, has the code stored in .cs files that can be changed for modding purposes. Make a new folder in your GameData folder and name it for your mod, then extract whatever .cs files you need from scripts.vl2 into your mod's folder (make sure you extract subfolders properly; there will be a scripts folder and a few others). You'll need to delete DSOs often when working with mods.

    That's all you're getting from me.
  • Okay, then how do you RUN the mod? ???
  • tribes2.exe -online -mod modname


    tribes2.exe -nologin -mod modname
  • Lmao. Well, take a look at a thread I made about scripting, it includes various links to other websites. I'd recommend following the Torque Reference Guide to start you out. Here's something simple. Save it as "Hello.cs" from notepad or Tribal IDE if you have it and place it in the Base/Scripts/Autoexec folder in T2's installation directory.

    function helloWorld()
    echo("Hello, world");

    So this will basically just display "Hello, world" in the console when you type helloWorld();
    Check out the thread, delve into something a little more exciting than this flab. I'm in school right now so I can't really go in-depth.
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