Clan D12 - Dirty Dozen

Well. D12 means Dirty Dozen like it says in the Subject. The Clan originally started out with 12 members on Battle.Net at first. Since then we have expanded to East/West on Battle.Net and Counter Strike,Counter Strike: Source, and Xbox Live, and All the Battle.Net games, and also the ever addicting WoW. We have both site and Forums and hold 24/7 ops on Battle.Net. We have 2 leaders and I am the Commander of the clan. We're around the 12th top clan in Starcraft and once held the 7th rank before. Since I am the only person that plays Tribes2 I have decided we can expand to here. You have probably all seen me around before I go by the name Exfactor. I play in Slap Happy Central Arena and usually in the Goon Haven servers. We have 50+ members and looking for more active/loyal ones.

The clan site is

If anyone wants to join PM me on here or send me an e-mail at www.tha.1n.only@hotmail requesting to join the clan. You will be added to the site once you join.


  • Well..I don't know how to edit these posts and stuff. Like cross them out like some people do.
    But Requests if any at all..Are no longer being accepted by Clan D12. We have dropped the Tribes2 Section due to loss of members on Battle.Net.
    So no more requests to join the clan as of right now.
    We may be accepting later on once clan functions are available and our B.Net society is active again.
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