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Seeing as there are such a vast number of support requests, here are some ground rules.
  • Check the FAQ section!
    Check it first, check it often.
  • Use a descriptive subject. A subject line of "My CPU is on fire" will probably be ignored, whereas "Failed to invoke embedded ruby interpreter" will not. This also helps when others are searching for a similar problem and solution.
  • Be as verbose as possible. It is impossible to diagnose any errors with little or no information. Some standard things to provide, depending on the error, would be the latest version of the patch you've installed, certain system specs, any other scripts you have installed.
  • Expect lag time between your post being made, and a response. Waiting 30 minutes before "bumping" your thread to inquire about anybody being able to help is not going to help your cause.
  • Search for threads that have the same, or a similar, problem to your own. We don't need/want to read three threads relating to "Cannot connect to auth server" troubles, when they are very likely related.
  • If you absolutely cannot wait, try joining the IRC channel ( / #Tribesnext), and seek help there.
  • Do not Private Message the site administrators with support questions. If you have an unanswered question, start a topic, so other users can benefit from the solutions.
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