Tribes 2 Ultimate Pack



  • Just so everyone knows regarding Powers & TWM2. They're both on GitHub for public viewing & editing. I manage the Powers Mod Git, and the TWM2 Git is managed by the PGD Staff.


    I wouldn't mind putting my other mods on GitHub if anyone wants to pick through those and edit them that way.
  • Nice Download
  • The Tribes 2 unmodified installer that is supposed to be free to distribute, along with the other optional and separate mods, maps, skins, scripts etc. are now archived in the world's biggest archiving site. I doubt that will have a short lifespan and I want people to be able to see what great games and community content we used to have in this age. This is mostly for you to remember the game in 10 more years from now.

    Tribes 2 Ultimate Pack can also be downloaded from here:
  • Awesome sause! ;D
  • Thanks for all the work on this Robertom....
  • I'm glad you guys like it, I'd also like to thank the people who made the all the content in this pack again.
  • Epic move robertom2002. Salute.
  • Amazing collection! Thanks!

    Slight concern though. ClamAV (FOSS, multi-platform Anti-Virus) detected the following in part10.rar :

    ./Tribes 2 UltimatePack/Tribes 2 scripts , utilities/from sling (scripts,utilities,others)/ Backdoor.IRCBot-4 FOUND
    ./Tribes 2 UltimatePack/Tribes 2 scripts , utilities/from sling (scripts,utilities,others)/matchbot.rar: Backdoor.IRCBot-4 FOUND

    Malware Reference[Virus DB]:
    Defined by Kaspersky and Drweb.
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    Just checked out the file on slingscripts since it's the same as in the pack, and it turns out you were right. I checked it out with Avast too and the virus probably infiltrates mirc.exe. I'll reupload it, and rescan the whole archive again with Avast just to be sure.

    For all those who have, matchbot.rar in slingscripts, delete it. Thanks for letting me know.

    edit: Updated both links, they do no longer contain matchbot.rar/.zip

    There is another difference, the link has 5 parts that must be extracted individually, and the mega link will be extracted automatically if you just extract the first link.
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    Ok i am a little confused. I selected all of the files part 1 - 17 and downloaded them all. They are each there own .rar file. When i open each one they are all identical sizes and files and all. So why download them all? Why not just download the first part only? Or do i have to combine them somehow?

    Just a little confused about it and also i am looking to setup a dedicated war2003 server .. the game for sure deserves it lol well to me at least :) Anyone can help point me in the right direction?

    Do i select them all and select extract all here ?
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