lag with new computer

I just got a brand new computer, running Windows 7 (64bit), and I've been having some issues with lag in the game play. I don't think it's my connection, because my old computer on the same network didn't have this problem. Not a big issue, but if anyone knows any tips or tricks to get tribes to run smoother on a high end desktop, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


  • Thanks for the help, I went with option four, the task manager one (because it was the only one I understood) it's working much better now.
  • if that worked, then this may make the game creamy smooth:

    create a .cs file (you can make it with notepad and then just rename the whole file from blabla.txt to blabla.cs) in gamedata/base/scripts/autoexec called autoexec.cs or any other name you want that ends in .cs and put this line into it:


    glad your gaming better now!
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