Alt+Tab - functional and safe?

I know fullscreen games have almost always had issues with alt-tabbing, especially when there's resolution changes involved.
I run Tribes 2 on a Vista box at native resolution, but any time I alt-tab to desktop, or any window for that matter, Tribes immediately UEs with everyone's favorite c00000005 exception.
It's not a deal breaker by any stretch; I have a laptop I could use for browsing while in-game or whatever, but wondering if Alt+Tab is not supported and this instance of a UE is expected, or if mine is just an odd case.

Vista Home Premium | Core 2 Duo 2.44GHz | 2GB RAM | Nvidia GeForce 8300GS


  • I have had no issue simply using the windows key, but I run server2003 on my game system.
  • Alt+Tab is a bug related to Vista, either play in windowed mode or use your laptop for non-T2 viewing...
  • The same thing happened to me when I was running a g-force 2 500 mhz with XP and it would sometimes UE out, but not always.
  • Had a hunch that it would be an issue with Vista's handling of alt-tab (since I don't recall XP letting you alt-tab to desktop directly).

    I'll give winkey a try, since switching to desktop is also something I do to change the volume on Winamp.
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