I get Lan and Training but no active servers

WOW!! Tribes 2--the best game ever made!
I loaded it and the patch and the training sessions work fine, the Lan is available, but no other servers. It's been years. How do I find active servers to play? I have Win 7, Intel Core I7 3.2, ATI Radeon 5870 1GB Thanks! I'd love to play.


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  • OK, this is what I have done:
    I have bypassed my router and went straight from modem to computer (I don't know how to make sure T2 is allowed through router)
    I turned off Microsoft Security Essentials (and T2 Launcher is checked as being allowed through)
    I don't have any other antivirus such as AVG
    I turned off the Window's Firewall
    I loaded AbsDSOKiller and deleted all the DSOs (not sure what they are but definitely deleted)--DOES THIS NEED TO BE DONE BEFORE EACH LAUNCH?

    The Patch is TribesNext_rc2a.exe
    the game version is 25034

    And still when I launch the game I see along the bottom of the game screen:

    Launch Training Lan Game

    no option for online servers

    I can see the servers online when I hit Servers Online on the upper left of this page
    When I hit http://master.tribesnext.com/list this is what I see:

    The game works great in the Training Mode, just can't get online servers to come up. Not shaky or anything. But even the start up icon on desktop only says "Tribes 2 Solo and Lan"

    Again, I have ATI Radeon 5870 1GB GDDR5
    Windows 7 Home Prem 64Bit
    Intel Core i7 960 3.2 GHz

    I would really like to play this game again. I'm not very technically oriented though. Please help!
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Is this a fresh install of the game?

    Are you using the "Online" shortcut to launch instead of the "Solo & LAN" shortcut?
  • If you find no relief, pm me a player name and password you want and I'll make it for you. I will also need your email so i can email you the creds. First try every other means to resolve this issue.
  • I got it!! Very cool. Now I have to relearn after 7 years off.
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