Cannot bind to IP address using ispawn.exe

Hi all,

I have a couple of servers up on a box with about 8 public IP addresses.

I can successfully bind each server to a different IP address when I do not use ispawn.exe, but whenever I try to start the server using ispawn.exe it continually restarts, and the "NoResponse:" count increments by one each time.

I am assuming that ispawn.exe is having trouble 'seeing' the server on the different IP address, so restarts it.

This is an issue as the Tribes2.exe processes aren't stable enough to run on their own.

I have set $IPv4::InetAddress = $Host::BindAddress; in autoexec.

I am assuming that my serverprefs.cs/customprefs.cs are correct as it works fine just running the following:

start Tribes2.exe -dedicated -serverprefs prefs/customprefs.cs -mod Classic

but not when running:

start ispawn.exe 28000 Tribes2.exe -dedicated -serverprefs prefs/customprefs.cs -mod Classic

The ports are all default.



  • I have now written a watchdog batch file that replaces ispawn.exe, so this isn't really a big issue for me anymore.
  • I've never tested ispawn's compatibility with multiple servers running on the same port with different bound addresses myself, but it sounds like it doesn't quite agree with it. Interesting...
  • I wonder if it's caused by a local port issue pertaining to ispawn?
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