Need Some Help with Custom Skins/Effects

Hey all! On a kind of random whim I decided to make myself a set of custom weapon skins and effects, mostly out of stuff I downloaded from I think I almost have things figured out, but I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions on the topic and help me resolve some problems I'm still having.

1.) Why is it that if I put a big .vl2 file with a lot of skins and effects, like this, in my base folder, it works, but if I put in something smaller instead, say this, it doesn't do anything?

2.) I put a bunch of skins and effects I liked in a folder like this: Custom Skins -> textures -> skins, special (where skins and special are the lowest level folders and contain various skins and effects, all with correct names and in the correct folder [or at least the same folder that they were in in their original .vl2 files]). Then I turned it into a .zip file using the standard Windows XP zipping utility. After that, I used ZipGenius6 to change the file extension to .vl2 (I couldn't figure out any other way to actually change the extension, not just the file name). As far as I can tell, the resulting .vl2 archive contains all the right files and folders in the right places, but when I put it in my T2 base folder, nothing happens. Does anyone know why this isn't working?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies to this :)


  • Thanks, Kryand. I finally got it working, and it looks sweet ;D. As for the small/big file thing, it really didn't make sense to me that bigger files would work while smaller ones wouldn't, but I had at least three smaller effect files from different authors fail to work (even with a name change), while two large weapon skin sets I tried worked fine. In the future I'll just extract any files like those and stick them straight in their folders.
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