One issue and one question with server list

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First my question: is it possible to get the list of servers from the master server without booting up Tribes? I remember there were web-based lists of the servers, or at least the IPs, at some point, and wonder if they still exist.

Now the issue. My issue is that I'm not getting many servers from the list, mostly as a result of pingouts I think. I am on a laptop connected wirelessly to a school network (which implements an authentication system that, once verified, doesn't block any ports that I know of), and am not able to successfully get more than one server into the list after it retrieves the IPs. On this past Tuesday, January 13, however, I was able to ping, connect, and play with no issues.

Looking over the sticky about problems with the server list, there isn't much I can do. I suppose it is possible that the school's network is making it hard for server requests to find their way back to me, but I'm wondering if that is the case, since everything was fine on Tuesday, and I haven't changed anything since then.

[More details] - It's not that I can't get or see the server list at all, it's that they're all pinging out, which is a different situation than I had earlier in the week, and much different than I ever have at home (which grabs the whole list no problem).


  • At current, TribesNext only builds a list of server IP:port pairs, and pushes that to the clients when they request the server list. If you're queries are pinging-out, it is probably an issue on your (personal or campus) end.
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    So the client asks the master server for the list, master sends IPs and ports, and client pings and gets information from there?

    I think I found the server list I was thinking of in a support thread a page or two back. I assume I could just ping those directly with Windows and see if I get similar results?

    If anyone else is looking for it for troubleshooting, I think it might help if the list link was added to that sticky.


    [Edit] Looks like it was just a hit or miss with getting successful pings from the server list while on that connection.
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