Tribes ReVengeance

did anyone ever try this fixed vir on tv ?


  • Yes. It's not really that much better.
  • I tried to play it twice but I keep getting distracted by the race mod.

    It's not even that good.
  • It's fun when the spam at goons becomes more than the norm. Great artwork. Lousy engine/netcode.
  • heh, I remember when TV came out, I beat the singleplayer campaign&quit playing the game just right after that. No momentum for projectiles? Skiing like you had wheels? Small, caged maps? No bases? Wtf I sait to myself. It wasn't until I saw on Tribesascend forums that something like ReVengeance was created, so I decided to give it a shot... but I must say, that Im not impressed. The only thing I really like in Vengeance is the beautiful skies, the grass & the flowers, lol. Maps like Emerald are just soo beutiful, that I was just jumping&skiing around for the first 10 minutes in the match, lol.
    But really this is just the only thing I miss about Vengeance in T2 (T2 has some really ugly maps with bad weather&fog... yuck. That is a bad thing! I still do not understand why mapmakers enjoy creating groomy foggy maps.. in T2)
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