Anyone from back in the day (01-04) remember Rancer?

wats up everybody, i just found out about TribesNext yesterday, i used to play T2 back in the day so i installed that shit n now im up n playing. just wanted to say Hi and see if anyone remembers me.... im sure i remember u if u used to play so im lookin to link up w/ someone (shits a lot more fun playin with ppl u know)

i used to be in tribes like Mature Asskickers (CTF), Neighborhod Punks (Arena), [4M] (CTF), Animosity (CTF) & The Ministry (CTF)

so hit me up!


  • What's up Rancer, I remember you! I used to be JD back on the day. I played TribesNext all the way up till this Feb, then Legions Overdrive started back up under BugsPray. I'm kind of stepping back a bit. I plan to start playing again once Tribes Ascend comes out.
  • Holy crap, hi Bugs ;D
  • Don't remember much from back then...actually dont even remember what clans I was in... maybe I was in CTF? Tribes 2 was my first game and I played religiously for about 2-3 years....I do remember playing in the Mature Ass Kickers server quite a bit though. Always had a decent amount of people and good ping. I'm sure we've exchanged spinfusers at some point in the past.
  • i remember mature ass kickers! i started around 04. there are people always hopping on and off of the classic ctf pub server. you should hop on!
  • Yes you should! :)
  • I used to play under the name witakr back in the day.. I started out in the VERY VERY beginning as Kerb302
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