IP Challange/Unhandled Exception(Have read FAQ and common solutions)

Hello, first time poster, first time player too. My freind wanted me to play, so here I am, but I'm having a bit of trouble it seems!

I can find servers, I can login, I can play tutorial and all of that, but I have this rather strange problem; when I try to join a server, I get the IP Challange issue, and sometimes, an unhandled exception issue. Now, I've tried the command console solution suggested in the FAQ, and I am definately using tribes 2 online(I see servers perfectly fine), but when trying to join them I get these errors. My firewalls are turned off, an exception is made regardless for tribes 2, and I'm running it as administrator.

If you can help me, I'd be very greatful.


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    Hopefully we can alleviate your problems, did you do the instructions here:

    If this occurs while connecting to a non-local server
    • Ensure that your firewall has an exception for Tribes 2
    • Disable any HTTP checking in your anti-virus software
    • Open your console (~ [tilde] key), type
      $IPv4::InetAddress = "your.external.ip.address";
      (where your.external.ip.address is from www.whatismyip.com) and hit enter.
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    I see that you've used Sprint as your ISP to post this message. Presumably you're using a cellular connection?

    The IP challenge errors can occur if you are behind certain NAT configurations that load balance your outgoing communication over different internet routeable addresses. It's bad practice to do this on the service provider side, but this is not the first time I've heard that Sprint does this.

    The game interprets this as the ISP manipulating the connection (which they are) and aborting for security reasons. There was a user from the United Arab Emirates, with his ISP doing similar manipulations. I created a script that deactivates the client side IP security check that you can try installing.

    You can read the post here: http://www.tribesnext.com/forum/index.php/topic,1495.0.html
  • I cannot express the level of my gratitude and help you've given me, the game now works. I almost -NEVER- get a solution, due to using mobile broadband(only high speed where I live) and am greatly apriciative of your help good sir.

    Thank you.
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