cant type info on step 3 of account creation

edited September 2011 in Support
Ive checked the forums and FAQs and didnt see anything about my issue: have installed game, patched, and patched with the tribesnext patch. I am able to get to step 3 in the account creation process, at which point, I am unable to type anything, it just makes a musical sound, but no characters appear.


  • To verify, have you installed the game using the Screenshot Walkthrough?

    Also, can you can a screen shot and upload it so we can see what 'step 3' you're stuck on. (Alt + PrtSc, paste into Paint, save, upload)
  • okay, I changed out my microsoft wireless KB with an old corded dell, and wah-lah! I was able to type and finish the final step, however another time when I was logging on, it did the same thing with the wireless kb, after i had minimized and went to desktop. So I relaunched the game and typed login info with np.
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