Password Error AND Server Offline

OK so I had some grief when I first set up Tribes Next but I discovered that AVG wasn't letting me connect to the Accounts Server when I was trying to register. I disabled AVG and it was fine but now, since I installed Structural Integrety - thus changed the .exe, it has stopped working. I have lost my local accounts, even though the and files are still there with my name in them, and even though my Username and Password are still in the boxes where they were before I installed SI, I can't retrieve my code as my password is apparently wrong.... I also tried creating a new account but it says the server is down, which is the same problem I had in the first place. The only difference is that AVG is disabled.

Any ideas?

No Firewall
No Anti-Vitus
Deleted the Public and files as mentioned in another thread.

Thanks in advance


  • Structural Infinity is NOT compatible with TribesNext at current...
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