static when jetpacking

gaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!if i jetpack on tribes next for more than half of a second it makes a STATIC and strange weird noise! this has happend for a long time whether i use headphones or speakers! sound quality is set to 44k or something idk but its supposed to be best and im using headphones now so i set it to headphones! and i dunno how to update my drivers so any good solution? i couldnt find this ANYWHERE else!


  • It's one of the bugs left by Dynamix in the game. It seems less likely to occur if you lock CPU affinity.

    See,473.0.html for instructions on doing that.
  • oh well i guess people that did tribes next didnt fix anything at all
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    Setting the sound card rate to 22KHz will reduce the hash and their intensity and I am betting you will never notice the difference in audio quality. That being said, if you set the rate to 11KHz and don't notice how bad the game then sounds you are likely deaf. And like Thyth said, running the game on one core seems to get rid of the issue. The tribesnext folks didn't change the game by the way, they just made it playable again.
  • rofl I've been having this problem forever. I just got used to the sound. Helps me not get missle locked ;)
  • K looks like setting affinity to only 1 CPU Always solves it thanks
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