Invoking Crypto++ in Tribes 2

So yesterday while playing Tribes and working on the authentication methods for my own T3D project, I came across an interesting old .zip archive from my past downloads. I remember a few years back on the TC (The-Construct) forums about -Linker- posting a archive of code allowing a customized .dll to be made, and then to be injected into the T2 .exe.

Eager to try something new out, I migrated my T3D code from my own auth system, invoking Crypto++ 5.6.1 into the executable, and ran it.

The results,

I think this kind of code migration would be very beneficial at some point, but I'll leave that open for discussion :)


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    Interesting find!!

    EDIT: Got a link so I, and maybe others, could check it out?
  • At the moment no, it is a special .dll that is injected into the game that I can run the code from.
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