Does anyone have the latest version of Tribes 2 RPG on hand (1340) or whatever it is?

the only version online I can find is 1240, which is a very old and feature limited version.


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    Remember that they need to be installed in order. I seriously advise against using them as the basis for any project, though, given the T2 RPG source is... unworkable. Your best bet is to simply start from scratch while maybe looking to see where they did something but implementing your own solutions.
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    Oh, I was just looking to host the current version as a server for myself and a few friends, not to work on. Thanks for the DL links.

    EDIT: please report patch 1311, It's got a little piece of "unwanted" software on it.
  • Thanks for the heads up x.X These are the original installers I've saved over all this time, so it's funny I never noticed before. Sorry about the inconvenience, but at least you caught it.
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    Sorry for that, you can repost the 1311 link you had before, I scanned it using another software and it came out clean, so I took it over to virustotal.com and it also appears fully clean.

    Looks like AV gave me a false positive there, so the patch is fine.

    EDIT 2:

    For those of us who want to avoid AV detections of .exe in the future, I've compiled the full 1312 into a .zip here:

    That should ensure this mod has a home for a while... :P
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